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Patented Chinese Medicines

The Chinese have been using patent herbal formulas for more than two thousand years to cure many different ailments that have burdened their county. Due to their powerful healing qualities, these formulas have endured throughout a very long history. Once the western world discovered the herbs success their supply was in high demand. These patented herbal formulas are were made readily available to distribute world wide and are still continuously produced and shipped to the west til' this day. The most convenient form of consumption of the herbs are to take them in pill form.

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Our formulas come readily available in capsule form from the Lanzhou Foci Herb Factory in China. The herbal formulas we produce received the 'Good Manufacturing Practices' certification is August of 1996 when the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration preformed a routine inspection. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration is one of the most reputable organizations and is built upon one of the highest sets of certification standards in the world. When you see a 'GMP' label on your products you can rest assured that it was produced with only the highest quality values available in the industry. Our 'GMP' values and standards rise above those found in the FDA organization of America.

Additionally, you need to beware that you do not fall victim to purchasing counterfeit herbs!! ONLY purchase Lanzhou products, as we have received the highest certification available and you can be certain you are receiving quality patented herbal medicines. (read How to Purchase Ginseng)