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1. How can I save money with free shipping?

1. Any order placed which totals more than $100 will be shipped Priority Mail free of charge with our complements. Use this option to SAVE on shipping charges.

1A. How can I order if I prefer not to do it on line?

1A. It is very simple. Use the shopping cart as if you were ordering. When you finish shopping, print the order form on your printer. You can either mail or fax it to us with payment.


2. For thousands of years billions of people have used Chinese herbal medicine to relieve or heal many different ailments. More than half the world uses these herbs as medicine. The western approach works well with major problems but falls short when dealing with minor ailments. Chinese herbal medicine is superior with problems of digestion, insomnia, stress, colds, allergies,PMS,menopause, muscle and joint pain, sexual inadequacy and more. You can take control of your health with Chinese herbal medicine.

3. How does Chinese Herbal Medicine Work?

3.A Chinese Herbalist will examine you to determine why you are sick and then prescribe specific herbs or formulas to cure the affliction, not just temporarily relieve the symptoms. The herbalists believe in balance. When you are out of balance (too cold or too hot) you open your body to disease. The herbs and formulas relieve symptoms, balance the body, and cure the illness.

4. How do the Herbal Medicines Work?

4.Unlike western drugs, which have strong side affects, Herbal Medicines are mild. After the herbalist diagnoses your condition of imbalance; too cold or too hot; an herb or formula can be prescribed. This explains why there is more than one herb or formula for the same ailment. Herbs must be taken REGULARLY and for a LONGER time period than prescription drugs. Remember you are healing your ailment and not just temporarily relieving the symptom.

5. How Can I know which herb or formula will work for me?

5. At GINSENG 4 LESS we do not prescribe or advocate any herbs or formulas. We suggest you see a licensed herbalist and have them prescribe a treatment that is consistent with your health. If you desire to learn more you can browse our "HISTORIC USES" or read a reputable book on the subject. There are some books available on our site to guide you. Remember if you don't look after your health nobody else will.


6.Many people are frustrated with the medical profession. Too many times we have heard, " It's all in your head. There is nothing wrong." But we know better. Why would we go to the doctor if there were nothing wrong? GINSENG 4 LESS is dedicated in helping you understand Chinese medicinal herbs and making quality herbs available at discount prices. We believe Chinese herbal medicine is far superior in dealing with many common minor ailments and wish to make these products available for your health and well being.

7. What is Ginseng?

7.Ginseng is considered the King of Herbs.It is classified as an adaptogen, which is a Russian term for a substance that increases a person's resistance to stress, to fight disease by building vitality, and to strengthen normal body functions. Dr Varro E Tyler, Ph.D., Sc.D., dean emeritus of the Purdue University School of Pharmacy and Commission E Germany's leading authority entrusted with evaluating the safety and efficacy of herbal remedies both find ginseng valuable as a herbal tonic or adaptogen in recharging the body.

7A. Fresh ginseng is the most potent form of ginseng. Fresh ginseng root contains 15% - 20% more active ingredients. This is a rare specialty item, which we usually have available. Many people who take fresh Panax quinquefolium (American) Organic Ginseng root have told us about more energy, less stress, greater endurance and stamina and improved sex drive.

7B. Chinese and Korean ginseng are hot or yang ginsengs. These ginsengs are commonly called Panax Ginseng. They are grown in China and Korea and have been used for increasing physical energy and endurance, while strengthening the lungs, spleen and stomach. This ginseng is also used to calm the spirit in cases of anxiety, insomnia, forgetfulness and restlessness. It is considered hot energy; the fire fuel. Many aged and tired people in the Far East use it as a restorative for increasing vitality and well being.

7C. American Ginseng or Panax quinquefolium is grown in America, and Canada. It comes in different qualities and sizes and is generally harvested between 3 - 6 years. American is more calming than Chinese or Korean while still enhancing stamina, strength and endurance. It is considered cool and relaxing energy. This ginseng is very popular in the Far East. It is used for balancing or harmonizing the metabolism, enhancing stamina and endurance and reducing and relieving stress.

7D.Siberian ginseng or eleuthero ginseng, which grows in Siberia, China and Korea, is not a real ginseng but has medicinal properties similar to ginseng. Athletes, body builders, and cosmonauts for athletic energy and to enhance performance use it. It acts as a natural anabolic steroid without the negative side effects. In Russia it is given to factory workers to relieve high stress. It is not used for increasing vitality and well being.

8. Dr. Andrew Weil's Top Ten Secrets for Maximum Healing Power.

8.Dr. Weil is a Harvard trained physician and is on the faculty of the Arizona Medical School. He is recognized worldwide as the leading exponent of alternative medicine. He has been featured on the cover of Time magazine and authors the Self-Healing newsletter. Dr. Weil published his Top Ten Secrets in 1998 and #9 is" Learn about tonics; Tonics are natural products that increase the efficiency of the healing system and help to neutralize harmful influences. Some of the most powerful tonics include garlic and ginger, green tea and GINSENG


9.Fresh ginseng can be eaten uncooked. It is more potent like that. It can be juiced into a drink or cooked in soup, poultry etc. Powdered ginseng can be taken in a capsule, added to a drink or put in hot water as a tea. Dried ginseng root can be chewed on. Some runners chew on a piece during the event. It can also be made into a tea. When making tea never cook ginseng in a metal pan unless it is silver. Glass or ceramic is best. Put some roots in 4 cups of fresh water and cook until 2 cups of liquid are left. The roots can be used 2 more times but be sure to refrigerate them between tea making. It is common in China to put a whole root in a bottle of brandy. It is then stored for a long time. It is then taken regularly with the greatest relish.

10. What is Ganoderma Mushroom?

10. Ganoderma Mushroom also known as Ling Chih or Rei-Shi is called the Mushroom of Immortality. Prevention Magazine reports that this mushroom has shown in scientific tests to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, ease asthma and bronchitis and calm the nervous system.

11.A quote from Sir Edwin Arnold, the famous traveler, translator and author relating to his travels in China. "According to the Chinese, ginseng is the best and most potent of all cordials, stimulants, tonics, stomachics, cardiacs, febrifuges, and above all, will best renovate and invigorate failing forces. It fills the heart with hilarity , while its occasional use will, it is said, add a decade to human life. Can all these generations of Orientals who have praised heaven for ginseng's many benefits have been totally deceived? Was humanity ever quite mistaken when half of it believed in something never puffed and never advertised?"



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The information contained here is not intended to replace the services of a physician. Before taking any herbs a medical professional should be consulted. We make no claims on the effectiveness, performance, or appropriateness of any item included in this web site. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

All information is based on historical data. Herbs and formulas have been used for thousands of years in the Orient and are recognized by modern herbalists. Many people in China, Korea, and Japan have improved their health as well as cured their ailments with these herbs and formulas.

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