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The Root of Life

People have known about ginseng since the ancient time. Our ancestors noticed that the roots of this plant resembled the human figurine and thought that it was a magic sign sent to them by gods. And as people at that time were not very fastidious about the food they ate they would chew the root right away. Feeling better after eating the root of ginseng the first person who decided to try it believed that it was good for him and that he did right. Probably this is how Chinese medicine appeared, who knows? (read Patented Chinese Medicines) With the time ginseng has become valuable raw material used for making various medicines. People even started growing it. And you can learn more about ginseng at in the product catalogue section. Our site has been specially designed as a story about the unique properties of this remarkable plant. And we hope that it will be not only interesting but also useful for you.

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