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Wisconsin Ginseng Festival

Ginseng4Less | Grant Presentation at International Wisconsin Ginseng Festival

Beginning on September 15th, 2017 is the Wisconsin International Ginseng Festival. The Wisconsin International Ginseng Festival is special because it lasts three days and will continue through September 17th. Located in Wausau, Wisconsin, the festival will take place in the 400 Block City Square Park and will also trickle out onto the adjoining streets.

The International Ginseng Festival is a multifaceted event. There is sure to be something at the festival to please everyone. The Festival showcases several aspects of the Ginseng process including history, agriculture, education, culinary, entertainment, and art. In addition to all of these wonderful aspects, the festival also offers numerous tours, activities and live demonstrations. Shuttle busses will be provided for safe transportation between attraction sites. As you enter the festival you will be provided with a program of each and every festival activity, as well as a detailed map of the premises.

The Hmong along with the Native American communities will be a highlight of the festival. These people are paid a special attribute because of their extremely significant influences on the progress of Ginseng production in Wisconsin. A Native American liaison has been provided for the festival to guide its authenticity of the traditional elements of dance, history, culture, and food.

In order to fully reap the benefits of the International Ginseng Festival you must first understand the history of Ginseng in Marathon County. Ginseng cultivation and growth in Marathon County was established at the turn of the twentieth century during the 1800s. Although, the powers of the Ginseng plant had been previously discovered and practiced with in several eastern cultures for more than 5,000 years, the Fromm Brothers introduced the plant to Marathon County.

Presently, Marathon County, Wisconsin is the leading Ginseng manufacturer within the United States. Ninety five percent of the United States exported Ginseng root is shipped from Central Wisconsin. Let's put this number into perspective... There are more than one hundred and eighty five Ginseng manufactures in the United States and Wisconsin alone holds ninety five percent of the market.

Wisconsin's vibrantly green hilltops and virtually untouched soil paired with cooler summers create the perfect conditions to cultivate Ginseng highly potent in Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are the most active compound found within Ginseng. Due to this factor, Wisconsin is known world wide as the premier cultivator of Ginseng. (read Ginseng's Environmental Requirements)

One sight you can not miss when visiting Marathon County is its miles and miles of tarp covered fields. These tarps are in place to shield their Ginseng crop from harsh sunlight. As the Ginseng berries redden throughout August and develop to maturity they are closely watched, as they will soon be harvested during September and October. These powerful red berries sold in a variety of shapes and forms (read How to Purchase Ginseng). Numerous Ginseng products include candies, beverages, teas, health, and beauty items. As the world becomes more aware of its need for Ginsengís health benefits, the markets demand skyrockets.

Come check out Wisconsinís International Ginseng Festival for yourself ! We promise you will not be disappointed!