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Ginseng - The King of Herbs

Ginseng, the most famous Chinese herb, is widely recognized for it utilization in traditional chinese medicine. Several forms of Ginseng have been utilized in many different medicines worldwide for over seven thousand years. Numerous Ginseng species are found throughout the world and although specific strands of Ginseng are utilized for preferred health benefits, all species of Ginseng are deemed to contain similar healing properties of a highly effective rejuvenator.

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Ginseng's benefits are recognized as 'panax' which is derived from the word Panacea that is Greek for 'all healing' (read Benefits of Ginseng). The plant is also called an adaptogen which is a russian term that means it has the power to regulate physical function solely dependent on what each individual needs. For example, Ginseng has the ability to lower high blood pressure or raise low blood pressure and visa versa. Additionally, it is utilized in reducing stress levels, enhancing performance as well as memory, aiding in immune system stimulation, and raising energy levels. Chinese medicine considers Ginseng to be a necessary concentration in all of their highest quality prescriptions, cures, and preventative medicines (read Patented Chinese Medicines). Ginseng is believed to alleviate physical and mental fatigue, terminate tumors, heal pulmonary complaints, and lessen the effects of aging on the body.

Ginseng is indigenous to China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, and a few areas found in North America. The United States first began to grow Ginseng at the end of the eighteen hundreds. The plant is particularly difficult to cultivate and as it needs four to six years in rich, loose soil with only twenty percent sun and heavy mulch leaves to reach full harvesting potential. Its slow growing roots are fleshy and commonly are named Jin-Chen which means ‘like a man’ due to the fact that the roots shape resembles that of the human bodies.Similar to the Chinese, Native Americans regard Ginseng to be one of their most superior and sacred herbs. They too utilize the herb in many of their medicinal formulas to enhance the potency. Not to mention, Ginseng roots can live more than one hundred years.

Ginseng has the ability to aid our immune system by enhancing our thymic hormone production because it contains many vitamins including A and B - 6, as well as the mineral Zinc. Twenty five Ginsenosides other wise known as Saponin Triterpenoid Glycosides are the main active ingredients found within Ginseng. Ginsenosides are steroid-like which exhibit adaptogenic qualities that allow ginseng to counter and balance many systems in the body including blood glucose levels and stress. These Ginsenosides effectively aid the adrenal glands in prevention of adrenal hypertrophy and excessive corticosteroid production when the body is under biological or chemical stresses. Chinese studies show that ginsenosides also aid in the brain's neurotransmitter activity as well as increasing protein synthesis production. Additionally, Ginseng is utilized in memory restoration, the enhancing of cognitive abilities as well as concentration, and the balancing of blood glucose levels so that they body may function at its highest level. When Ginseng was tested in animal studies it showed that extracts found within the plant have the ability to produce interferons which lower cholesterol, increase killer cell activity, and decrease levels of triglyceride.

Men are encouraged to utilize Ginseng to improve their bodies sexual function and cure impotence. The plant is also rumored to increase the levels of estrogen in women which is utilized in treating negative symptoms of menopause. In addition, Ginseng is utilized in the treatments of diabetes, colds, chest issues, insomnia, appetite suppression and protection against radiation during chemotherapy. The plant’s main benefits are found in its root. The entire root is utilized when powered down into capsule form, when extracted as a concentrate (see Concentrated Tonic Extracts) and when made into a tea (see Ginseng Teas). Ginseng is one of most common and most popular herbs presently utilized in today’s society. The next time you are searching for a natural remedy to your current ailment, look for Ginseng, it does the body good! (see Best Ginseng Supplements)